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Why was the Atomic Bomb a turning point in American History? The Atomic Bomb greatly affected the history of the Unites States. It played a major turning point in our National history, a turning point that had and still has the potential to destroy our planet. By creating such a weapon of mass destruction, our nation instantly became the most powerful country in the world. But keeping a force of such magnitude a secret is nearly impossible. Soon, almost every large country had the key to unlocking a form of unparalleled obliteration. Because we created a weapon of total chaos, the possibility of war became much, much more serious. If war to ever break out again, the Atomic Bomb is now an option a country can choose to take. If that were ever to happen, the possibility of total annihilation is extremely high. The Atomic Bomb was dropped on two towns in Japan, Nagasaki and Hiroshima.

It nearly wiped out the entire population of both towns, and the very few who survived suffered the horrible aftereffects of radiation poisoning. The Atomic Bomb triggered a new age; the Nuclear Age. A race as you might put it; a race to see which country could construct the most powerful bomb on the planet. Thus giving them that title of the most powerful country. Because of this, a cold war broke out. Between the United States of America and the country formal known as USSR (United Socialist Soviet Republic). Both countries threatened each other with their powerful arsenal of Nuclear Weapons. Lucky for the entire world, the war ended and the USSR was no more. Treaties have been signed between countries, promising to never unleash the fury of the Atomic Bomb on each other, for the sake of the planet. For it would have devastating affects on it. But the fact still remains, with such power, anything could happen. So as you can see, the construction of the Atomic Bomb was a major turning point in American History, as well as World history.