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There were two boys in the same class at school. One of the boys, Matt, was extremely arrogant and always was talking in class, still managing to get good results. The other boy called Peter, tried his hardest to be as smart as Matt, even though he knew Matt didn't work to his full potential. Peter and Matt weren't the best of friends, but they still managed to get along.

Pete often wondered how Matt did so well when he didn't put much effort into work. Instead of working and studying, Matt snuck out of his house almost every night and had a smoke. Then when they had an exam Matt always got a perfect mark, while Peter got around 80%.

Peter was determined to beat Matt; their major exams were coming up soon, so Peter spent every night studying. Matt on the other hand, spent his time wisely smoking and staying up late talking to his girlfriends on the phone.

The day had come, week seven; it was their first exam of the term. They made their way into the science room and received their papers. Peter knew Matt would do well, but he thought in his mind that he was going to beat him for once.

More and more exams that term, SOSE, Maths, English, Art, P.E, and R.E. Peter knew he did good, but he didn't know if Matt did better. It was the day of the results. They were posted on the board in the hallway. Peter was late out of class and he didn't know what everyone was gossiping about. He went up to the board to see the results.

1. Peter Davies - 98% overall

2. Matt Richardson -- 97% overall

Pete was so happy!...