Katherine Stone, The Author of Romance

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Katherine Stone was born in Seattle, and, being a firstborn child (and a Virgo) set about plotting her life at a very young age. By five she'd decided she wanted to be a doctor, and at eleven, having written her first short story, she knew she'd love to be a writer, too.

Katherine attended Stanford University, where she completed her pre-med requirements while majoring in English, and received her MD from the University of Washington. After her Internal Medicine residency in San Francisco, she did an Infectious Diseases fellowship in LA. One of the world's largest outbreaks of Legionnaires disease occurred at the LA hospital where she was doing her fellowship, giving Katherine the opportunity to write and lecture on the mysterious new disease.

There was romance, too, in Los Angeles. It was there, during a spinal tap, that she met her future husband, physician and novelist Jack Chase.

(Katherine was doing a lumbar puncture, and although the patient was in no distress, she was having difficulty getting into the spinal canal. Like a hero, Jack heroically saved the day.)

At some point, however, Jack suggested, "Just do it." He bought her a word processor to boot. The result was what has become the distinctive Katherine Stone style, the blend of lyrical prose, poignant emotion, and romance above all.

Some of Stone's published works include, Home at Last, Bed of Roses, Twins, Bel Air, and Island of Dreams. My favorite and first novel I read by Stone was Home at Last. Home at Last was based on a lieutenant, Lucas Hunter. It is his gift, his curse, his weird ability to communicate with criminals, to understand and sense the evil hunger of psychopaths. His abilities are tested when Manhattan's LADY Killer murders four of the city's most astonishing women,