Juvenile Crime

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What causes juveniles to commit crimes? These young offenders don't know how to control their emotions when they meet difficulties in their lives. That's why they try to get rid of the stress by committing crimes. And when they continue to commit crimes, they can't distinguish right from wrong.

We all have difficulties living our lives. But somehow we overcome them and control our emotions when the difficulties can't be solved. We can do that because we had someone who taught us during our childhood. Of course, children have to learn by themselves sometimes but in many aspects they need someone who can teach them because they are too young to learn by themselves. They are still growing up physically and mentally.

Generally the people who can teach the children should be their parents. But when the parents are not suitable for the role - as in the case of parents who abuse their children - counselors and schoolteachers should take care of them.

Anyway they need someone who will pay attention to them. I think the ignored children tend to commit crimes to get attention.

The juvenile justice system may need to be changed also. A boy who killed two people with a gun and stole money can be released from prison when he turns twenty-five even though he shows no remorse, just because he was fifteen. On the other hand, the sixteen-year-old boy who committed robbery in a motel, is to be tried as adult, and will spent his life in prison even though he takes responsibility and makes efforts to atone for his sin. It is unfair that the children who have the possibility to be much better can't be saved. The juvenile justice system should be built on the idea that children can...