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Biodiesel Biodiesel is a great form of gasoline used in few kinds of vehicles. Biodiesel is very low on octane though. Biodiesel is not that different from regular diesel and other kinds of gasoline. Biodiesel is made from vegetable oil and animal fat. Biodiesel is not regular vegetable oil and is not safe to swallow. Biodiesel is biodegradable so it is less harmful to the environment if spilled. Biodiesel is made through a process that is called transesterification which is a process that makes vegetable oil and animal fat into esterified oil. This can be used as diesel fuel, or mixed with regular diesel fuel.

Biodiesel can also have regular, ordinary; diesel engines run on it. Almost all kinds of vegetable oil and animal fat can be made into biodiesel. Soybean and Rapeseed oils are the most popular types of oils used to make biodiesel. Soybean oils are not only used to make biodiesel though.

Tofu and soy sauce are sauces made out of soybean oil. Rapeseed oil and soybean oil have been tried as biodiesel because they are less expensive then most types of vegetable oil. Soybean and rapeseed oil are more expensive then regular diesel fuel though. But most other vegetable oils are way too expensive to even be considered for a use of diesel fuel. Animal fat is also too expensive for this use, but used oil from restaurants have been tried for biodiesel. The best thing about biodiesel is that it is made from plants and animals, which are renewable resources.