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Julius Caesar Act I scene II Cassius: I know the goodness in you, Brutus, Also I know your noble external behavior.

However, honor is the most important subject.

I do not know what do you and others think about life, But to me, my life is not to be in fear of others’ lives, Which are the same as mine.

I was born like Caesar, and you too.

We were fed like he was, and we can both Endure the winter as well as Caesar.

On a cold windy day, The Tiber River was impatient and wavy, beating her shores.

Caesar said to me, “I challenge you, Cassius, now jump in this roaring river With me and see who can swim to the rock first?” After he said this, I jumped into the river with clothes on, And told him to follow me, and he did.

We fought against the rushing, roaring river.

With our great strength, we pushed the water aside.

And stopped it with strong competitive spirits.

But before we could arrive the finishing point, Caesar cried, “Help me, Cassius, I am sinking!” I, did the same thing as Ã" neas, our great ancestor.

Like what he did in the flame of Troy with his shoulder bearing Anchises.

So did I to Caesar, saved him from the waves of Tiber.

And this man, Caesar, is now become a god, And I, Cassius is a miserable creature and must bow to Caesar He had a fever when he was in Spain, When the illness attacks him, I marked how did he shake.

And that’s true, the ‘god’ shook.

His coward lips lost their colour.

And that eyes which fear the world lost the shine.

I heard him groan.

And his tongue that orders Romans, Mark him and his speeches are written in books, Sadly, it cried, “Give me some drink, Titinius,” Like a sick girl! Oh my god, it does amaze me that A man with such a weak temper can outdistance the majestic world And carry the prize alone.