How to Juggle Something Other Than School Work and After School Activities. An Informative Essay

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My parents always tell me that I don't manage my time well and that I have too many things to juggle. Juggling can be fun, if you are juggling balls. About three years ago, my sister taught me to juggle after she came home from Circus Smircus (you may have seen her on the Disney Channel). Since then, we have both become good jugglers and have made juggling routines with each other. We can do many tricks that require a lot of time to perfect.

It's not that easy to juggle, let alone learn to juggle, using 12-pound bowling balls, so you should find three balls about the same size and weight. They shouldn't be very big or heavy (like a bowling ball), nor very small or light (like a ping-pong ball). They shouldn't bounce, unless you want to spend more than half the time learning chasing after the ball you just dropped, nor should they be very hard, unless you want to go to the hospital because of broken fingers and toes.

The ideal ball is filled with beans and weighs about 4.5 ounces.

The best way to start is to put one ball in your right hand , or your left hand if you are one of the weird lefties out there, and keeping both arms at about a ninety-degree angle to your body, toss it in an arc to your other hand. Make sure the highest point of the toss is about eye level. Try to catch the ball in your left hand without moving it. Unfortunately, you have to repeat this monotonous process until you can do it flawlessly or you get so bored that you want to pop the ball, whichever comes first. After you can toss the ball perfectly from your right hand...