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On June 10, 1922 a star was born. Her name was Frances Ethel Gumm, which she changed when she 10 years old to the name of Judy Garland. Judy had two other older sisters. Judy's dad owned a theater in which Judy performed. Judy and her sisters would perform in the theater and they became known as the Gumm sisters. In 1926 Judy and her family moved to Lancaster, California, which is where Judy's father bought another theater. The Gumm sisters hired an agent and they started to perform at night clubs, theaters, and on the radio. They soon had local fans where they lived. As Judy grew older she appeared in her first movie called the Scarlet Revue, which was released in 1929. A man named Louis B. Mayer came along and realized the talent that Judy offered. She was a singer, dancer, and a actress. By the time Judy was 13 she was signed to a MGM contract by Louis.

When Judy was 15 years old she was offered to do a film called The Wizard of Oz. Everyone mainly remembers her as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. The movie was a huge success and was the starting point to Judy's fame. When Judy was in her child years she starred in nine films. As Judy became older she did many films with Mickey Rooney in which she was the star. Judy did dramatic films such as The Clock, A Star Is Born, Judgment At Nuremburg, and A Child Is Waiting. Judy then became known as the world's greatest entertainer. She starred in 30 of her very own television shows. The total number of films Judy ever appeared in was 43, of which she starred in 32 of them. Judy received a special Academy Award. She...