A journal written as if you were a farmer in Medieval Times

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Oct 19 1341

I've been out all day and to do what? Just to get the rich lord his good old feast every night. My clothes are ragged and I haven't taken a bath in the last month and still I have to give almost all my food to the lord! Even though I get the lord all of his food he still doesn't even volunteer to give me a bit of service except for some protection which the knights give me.

I've been dragging around the oxen, plowing my field, for almost seven hours and I have gotten no rest and neither have the oxen. All I get from god is rain, ice, and snow and blizzards to cool me down even more. I passed out several times because of the exhaustion and I still have to keep working. If I am caught not getting the lord his food since he game me land to grow crops on I will be taught a brutal lesson as I was told.

I wonder what this might be. How could it be much worse than poor treatment and at least ten hours of hard labor every single day? I might find out but to me it sounds like being hit with a whip.

If I am lucky and work at least ten hours a day for three or four days I get to get my own family food for the rest of the week and I might even get some money for once in a life time. I am both lucky to be here and unlucky. At least I'm not dead and I'm not a slave because I chose to be here as for the land that was given to me to be the farmer and grow crops.

Yesterday the conditions were...