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jonny When jonny red was born his dad knew that his sun was going to be a good chricketer.

When jonny was four years old he got his first chricket bat set. Every night after kinder he went out side and played chricket with his dad and his mum.

When jonny was five he was signed up with the little tigers the little tigers were the lockal chricket team for the yong ones.When jonny played his first game he thought that he would go out for a duck but he dident he scored ten runs.

When jonny was ten years of age he was coming up to one hundred and fifty runs he had changed chricket teams several teams know. Jonny was now in grade five and he started to get home work jonny hated school expechally long esays that would take him days to compleate. His perents were allways on his back about home work.

When he was thirteen he went all the way to the Australian finals up in broom at the start of the game the team was pumped and after the game the were not so pumped infact they were packing to go home because they lost. jonny was so depresed that when he got home he stayed in his room for two weeks onley comming out for food and water and to go to the toilet.

When he was fourteen his bed room was filld with hundreds of trophies that he got. In his room he also had lots of pitchures of all of his faveret chricket players. Jonnys dream is to play chricket for Australia and he hoepes to try out when he is seventeen years of age.