John Steinbeck's novel "Of Mice and Men".

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The novel Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck is the book that has really made me enjoy it that much. It is really unusual because it made me think deeply about eh whole story. The story happened in Salinas Valley, California during the 20-centurt depressions. During those years, men traveled around and looked for any jobs they could find, leaving their families just to make money. Many companies went bankrupt. That was a time that had no hope or future.

The two main characters, George is a small and smart man, he is a migrant ranch worker. Lennie had a really unusual habit of touching anything nice and soft: puppy, a lady's dress, or even mice. George and Lennie traveled around, from ranch to ranch, looked for jobs. They were chased out of the ranch just because of Lennie's special interest in touching nice things, Lennie touched a lady's dress meaning no harm, but the lady though he is molesting her.

These two men seemed to be paupers, however, they don't consider themselves poor at all. Because, they have their precious dreams: owning a farm no matter how big it is and work for themselves, and Lennie's dream is simply having some rabbits and petting them without getting in trouble. Replying on their sweet dreams they remain their courage as they drift.

"An' live off the fatta the lan'."

"Talk about the rabbits, George, talk about 'em, please."

They have no money because they were chased out of the town before they got paid. George managed two cans of beans, and shared then with Lennie then told Lennie that he would do the talking when they arrive at the ranch.

When I read about Lennie's words about action s, I think he acts more like a baby who just...