Johann Sebastian Bach

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Bach was born on March 21,1685 in Eisenach, Germany, It brought great joy to the Bach family. The Bachs' were a musical family.

In 1695, when Bach was 10 years old, his mom and dad died. He went to live with his brother who was a music theacher. He wasn't able to continue to teach his brother because Bach learned so fast. There was one book that his brother would not let him play.

So during the night, Bach copied it all. Bach's brother found out and tore up the music.

In 1703, Bach took his first job. He was only 18 years old. This job was with an orchestra in Winmar. In 6 months, he quit because he had been invited to do a composition. The composition was performed in Neukir in Arnstadt. This was his very first composition.

When he was done with his composition, he went to Lobeak to listen to Dietrich Baxtehude.

He had to walk there by foot. The walk was 200 miles.

In 1707, Bach married Maria Barbara. He was 22 years old when this happened. At the end of 1707, he moved back to Weimar. There he taught 9 years old boys and girls the piano.

Later, he worked in the castle playing music for the Duke. When he worked in the castle, the Duke was in a big fight with his nephew. Bach quit and got thrown in jail. In 1 month, the door opened and Bach walked out. The prince wanted Bach to play for him.

When the prince was a chid, he took piano lessons. So all during the night they played duets. Bach loved to write church music. All the music Bach wrote was for God. Bach had 20 children. The children loved the castle.

In 1721, his wife died. He was 36 years old. He remarried to Anna Magdalena Wilchen.

Bach died on July 28, 1750 at Lepzing, Germany. He had a wonderful life.

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