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It was a normal day in the South Pacific Ocean, and all the fish were very happy. Jester was up, and ready for a day of fun. His friends and him had plans to go and find some lady fish to flirt with. As Jester was leaving his house, his mom told him to be careful. She explained that a new shipment has come in, so stay away from it. Jester nodded his head ok, and kissed his mother goodbye.

On the way to Jester's friend Fred's house, he noticed a gang of crab that he had never seen before. He didn't think anything of them, so he just kept on swimming. When Jester arrived at Fred's house, he noticed that Fred was acting a little strange. He was hyper, and being stupid. At first Jester didn't say anything, but after Fred started getting dumber, Jester just asked, What's up with you man? You"˜re not acting normal."

"That's because I feel better then normal," answered Fred, "I feel more alive." Jester didn't understand what Fred meant, so he told Fred to explain to him why he feels more alive. Fred told Jester, "I'll do better then tell you man, I'll show you why I feel more alive." Fred lead Jester back to the corner where Jester saw the gang of crabs earlier. Then Fred asked one of the crabs, "You think I can get a little ship for my friend here?" "Of course you can bro," the crab replied, " but you gotta pay me first if you want me to show you the way to the ship." Fred paid the crab, and off they went.

The crab lead Jester and Fred out of their boundaries, which was extremely dangerous for them, but Fred didn't seem to care. All he cared about was the ship. When they got to their destination, Jester was amazed. Right in front of him, about 20 feet in the air, was a big green ship with the words, PROPERTY OF CUBA, on the side of it.

"Are you guys ready to get high?" Crab asked the boys.

"What do you mean, get high?" replied Jester.

"The ship is 20 feet up there, you have to go high to get to it." said Crab.

"Lets just get to the green fools!" yelled Fred.

As Jester was swimming up to the ship, he thought of what his mom told him. Then, when he got up to the ship, he saw all of his friends there.

"What are you guys doing here?" asked Jester.

"Were having the time of our lives up here man. When you're high, you can't think, of anything. It's great." One of his friends replied. Jester looked around, and saw all his friends acting different. They just weren't being themselves. Jester thought that by the way all his friends were acting, and by what his mother told him earlier, this ship couldn't be good for him.

Jester confronted Crab and asked him, "Hey man, tell me the truth, is this ship laced?" "What do you mean little fish?" said Crab. "This ship's from Cuba, you don't find ship like this everyday bro. Why don't you give it a try?" "I don't even know what to do." said Jester.

"Just go in that door, and swim through the ship. There are different kinds of ships, and believe me bro, Cuban ship is the best. So when you come out at the other end of the ship, your worries will be gone." explained Crab. Jester thought for a second, and then he told Crab, "that ship's dangerous man, you can get killed if you go in there." Don't think of the dangers little fish. Think of the buzz, rush, and great feeling when you come out," said Crab.

"If you come out!" yelled Jester. " I don't need your ship to have a good time. I'm out of here." After that day, Jester did everything he can to get his friends to stay away from the ship, or any ship for that matter. He got them to do things that made them feel good without hurting themselves, or others. After everybody stopped using the ship for cheap rushes, the gang of crab eventually left the community. Business wasn't doing to great for them. And all the fish lived happily ever after from then on.