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My aim for this research paper is to basically describe coming of age through books. The books I will be using are Huckleberry Finn and Catcher in the Rye. Throughout history these two books have been compared and contrasted countless numbers of times. However they both deal with the same concept. Two boys, (Huck and Holden), both struggling to find were they belong in this complex world. Using sources from the Internet as well as the two novels I will compare how I feel the two books portray coming of age in their own ways. I will also be using authors comments and critiques to show how other people viewed the novels. Also in both books there is a great deal of prejudice and controversy involved. They both were writing in a time where society did not accept everything. They were writing with racism, sex issues, violence, and against popular opinion.

Both novels were also banned from libraries, schools, and bookstores for quite a while. I will also be using the movies that both books were turned into, as another source to figure out exactly what the author was trying to accomplish through his characters and how it is different from the book.