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Janie and Tea Cake (Marriage Sketch) Janie's third marriage was to a young man named Tea Cake. They met in Janie's store, which she inherited from Joe Starks after his death. Janie was watching the store while the rest of the town had gone to the ball game when the tall, dark, handsome young man walked in. They sat at the counter and Tea Cake taught her how to play checkers, then they played checkers for hours and they just talked and past the time. He made an appearance at the store the following days and they ending up hooking up. Janie didn't want to get involved with him because she was up in age and he was a young man. She kept telling herself that he is probably just after her money. When they starting dating Tea Cake would just go to her house to see her so she thought that he didn't want anyone else to see him with her.

She also thought that he only had "night affection" for her because he would only come and see her at nighttime. To show her that he really cared about her he took her to a county picnic, which was in the morning. That pretty much made up her mind and she let herself begin loving him. After the picnic everybody really started to notice what was going on with the two of them. That's when they began getting mad. They figured, out of all the men in the town she could get and she was messing with someone like Tea Cake. They were also mad because Joe Starks had only been dead for nine months and they figured she should still be in mourning. Tea Cake asked Janie to move to Jacksonville with him and she said yes.

After they only knew each other for a short period of time they got married. It was a small private wedding at the preacher's house. A week after they had been married Janie noticed her 200 dollars missing out of her shirt pocket. She asked Tea Cake about it and he said he needed it to throw a party and that he would get it back rolling dice. That night he went to the gambling table and won 380 dollars back. But, he got cut twice trying to leave with his money. The cuts weren't that deep and he ended up being fine. They kind of lived together for a while and then they decided to go to the Muck, which was a place where people go to pick crops for money. They stayed there for a while and made a decent bit of money. After a couple of weeks Janie started working out in the field with Tea Cake because he said that he was lonely. A couple of weeks after Janie started working in the fields with Tea Cake she caught Tea Cake "flirting" with this other woman named Nunkie. Janie ended up beating Tea Cake later that night for it but that ended in them passionately falling asleep in each other's arms. Then Janie got involved with Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Turner was this black woman who couldn't stand colored people. When Mrs. Turner found out that Janie was married to Tea Cake she told Janie to leave Tea Cake and go out with her brother. When Tea Cake heard about this he began thinking of a way to show Mrs. Turner that Janie belonged to him. The only way he could think of was to beat Janie and make her stay away from Mrs. Turner, and that is what he did.

Later in the story Tea cake saw Indians heading away from town and when he asked them why they were leaving they told him a hurricane was coming.