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As computers advance, society is coming together steadily through the rising use of the Internet. We interact with one another every day by using the Internet as a tool of communication. Through the evolution of the global electronic era, certain ethical, security, and productivity questions arise. As electronic communication becomes essential in the daily interactions of many people, regulatory issues also become crucial. How do we determine what is right from wrong, and what is good or bad when it comes to these issues?

Security Issues:

As the use of the Internet increases, Internet crime has become a major concern to government enforcement agencies. Internet fraud by stealing a person's credit information has become increasingly common.

Another issue is hackers. Hackers are people who abuse software and computer systems. They have a malicious intent to do harm to computer systems which are connected to the Internet.

Spam is commercial e-mail that is sent in bulk.

Spam is costly and annoying to e-mail users, and may carry viruses or unpleasant content. Often, Spam is referred to as 'junk mail'.

Viruses are a threat to any company that uses e-mail to do business on the Internet. A virus is a computer program that is activated when viewed or opened via an e-mail. A computer virus can cause erratic computer operation. It is a huge disruption to any business that becomes infected.

Productivity Issues:

With the increased availability of the Internet at most companies, management may find that surfing the Internet cuts down on employee productivity. Many companies have adopted what is called an Internet policy; it is included in the employee handbook and must be signed during the employees training. The policy should outline what type of Internet usage is permitted, and the consequences for breaking the rules. Also...