Interview With Torvald Helmer

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What is your name?

My name is Torvald Helmer

What do you think is your role in the play?

My role in the play is to coordinate Nora in the right direction, this is because own her she want be able to accomplish anything. She is just a child and is helpless, and amateur. In addition, I believe that I am a very important character as I am the one to earn the money in the family and provide everything what my family needs.

Are you a dramatic character, do you change throughout the story?

No, I don't change throughout the story, so in other words I am a static character.

Do you play an important part on the climax of the story?

Yes, I do play an important part in the climax; this is because I am the one to read the letter and to find out Nora's secret.

Do you agree with the ending of the story?

No, I don't agree with the ending of the story. Nora is a wife and a mother before all, and she just leaves without even thinking, this is another fact that proves that Nora is very childish. She thinks of herself and only of herself in the end.

What do you think about prejudges?

I believe that women aren't able of doing things which man are. Women by nature are weak. I think that a women has to be a mother and a wife, she has to keep the house clean and entertain her husband.

What is your goal in life?

My goal in life is to understand why Nora left, and to try and win her love back.

Tell me about your relationship between Nora and you?

My and Nora's relationship could be explained n terms of a...