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Introduction All of us have had an injection at one time or another. We don't give it very much thought, except that we don't like it. However, there are certain steps and precautions that need to be followed when an injection is given.

Thesis Statement: I would like to explain and demonstrate the proper procedure for administering an intramusclar injection.

Body I. The muscles commonly used for intramusclar injections.

A. Deltoid area- the upper muscle of the arm- is used commonly for adults and older children, if the muscle is well developed. The deltoid area is not used when large amounts of medications are given. It is used mainly for medication that range from .5 cc to 1 cc.

B. Gluteus medius sites- these sites include the dorsogluteal located in the upper hip area and the ventrogluteal located on the side of the hip. The dorsogluteal area is the traditional site for deep intramusclar injections.

However, this site has to be carefully located, so that you are certain to avoid the sciatic nerve. The ventrogluteal site is not used as frequently as the others, this is probably because that a person of small size hasn't much muscle or fat here, and there is a danger of hitting the bone unless you use a smaller size needle.

C. Vastus lateralis site- the quadriceps muscle in the upper part of the leg. This area is the safest site of injections for infants because it is developed at birth.

II. Preparing the medication for the injection.

A. Always make sure to check the medication label to be sure it is the medication ordered.

B. Clean the top of the vial with an alcohol pad.

C. Remove the cap from the needle. Grasp the plunger and draw up an amount of air equal...