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Significant Activity One of the most meaningful moments in my life, happened in the summer of 1999. I decided that I would volunteer at local children's hospital for the summer. I had no idea of the impact the children would have in my life, but I would soon find out. My first day, I walked around the hospital fighting back tears, as I saw children so sick they could barely open there eyes. I was so scared, I didn't know what to do. When I left that day I didn't want to ever return.

The more I thought about it that night, the more I knew I had to go back. I returned to the hospital the next day, and the nurses reassured me that they were just children. I took a deep breath and re-entered the room that had scared me so much the day before.

As I walked around the room, many of the kids were excited to talk to me.

The kids and I talked for hours, about everything from their favorite cartoons, to their chronic illnesses.

I went back to the hospital almost everyday that summer. It was the most amazing experience of my life, and one that I will never forget and cherish forever.

To this day there is still a picture on my wall of me, and the 25 most amazing children I have ever met.