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Are musical messages able to imprint dangerous ideas in the minds of young people on feeling those that do exist? There are plenty of music samples of some of the more offensive rap and heavy-metal lyrics and also of documented accounts of the violent crime they have afflicted. There lays a heav y parallel between a steady case of rage and the pressure to act on it in these types of lyrics. No one knows exactly what the long term effects will be when teenagers listen to a great deal of violent music.

The content of contemporary music is different from that of the recent past. Over three decades ago, not one popular son encouraged robbery, rape, assaults, or the use of weapons in settling disputes, but instead promoted love and peace. In today's popul ar music, these themes can be found in today's popular music. I can vouch from a standpoint that America's inner city streets and neighborhoods are reflecting this fact.

Since violent lyrics are a new phenomenon, no knows the resul ts of raising a generation on this type of musical nourishment. In addition, teenagers now have a greater access to (and listening to) far more music than they have in past generations. If most adolescents are like me, they will have listened to thousands of hours of music by the end of their high school career.

Musically inspired sexual assaults and murders are an occurrence on everyday television news reports. For every teenager that will make the six o'clo ck news by carrying out an act of violence, there will be thousands more whose values are being fashioned subtly through disturbing musical messages. they are learning that degrading women is not only acceptable, but even favorable to treating women with respect. they are hearing accounts that...