The Individual and the Organisation: Selection and Choice

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The Individual and the Organisation: Selection and Choice

The selection of employees with the correct abilities and qualities is important in any organisation as this will ensure the best possible future performance of both the candidate and the organisation. It is for this reason that a great deal of emphasis is placed upon using the most accurate selection procedures, which are a means of measuring the future performance of job candidates with some predictability. Since the "reliability and validity of selection procedures determines the quality of personnel entering an organisation, it is crucial that selection procedures provide valid assessments of future behaviour" (Arnold et al., 2001). It is therefore necessary to ensure the accuracy of selection methods by assessing the criterion-related validity of the predictors. It is only after both the validity and reliability of a personality test have been established can it be used to aid the selection of employees with any accuracy.

Before the selection process can be completed, the two main principles that underline the roles of personnel selection and assessment must be understood. The first is that there are many individual differences between people, the conclusion being that not all people are equally suited to every job. It is for this reason that the selection process needs to be as accurate as possible, as jobs and individuals need to fit together to be effective. One method of achieving this is to fit the job to the person, which requires selecting and training a worker specifically for one job. The other is to fit the person to the job, which requires designing the job's tasks to suit the worker's physical and psychological characteristics. As every person is unique and individual, both methods must be considered when selecting appropriate candidates. From the perspective of a candidate, it...