Imposible Dream? (Reparations)

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Professor Gordon

Final Paper on Reparations

Communications 105


The impossible dream?

Reparations is defined by Webster as the act of making amends for a wrong. This is a topic in which hits close to home for many American citizens. Lewis says "Why are reparations good for Native Americans, Jewish Holocaust survivors and Japanese Americans but not people of African decent?" Is reparation needed in our society today? Is it to late to even try? These are big questions that I will answer in my paper. The topic of Reparations is the single most dividing topic that we face today as a nation. Can addressing this issue take us forward as a society together or will we still ly "separate but equal?"

This topic is atop many lists today in how we can fix the problems that blacks went through and is it worth it.

This has been a problem for many years and continues today. During the Reconstruction era of the United States of America this term "reparations" was supposed to be addressed in the way that was correct and morally right. What was correct and morally right

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would have been to repay them for what they had lost and endured. Treating them as humans like they are and making them feel a part of the country would have been right. The government never gave blacks the dues that they earned over their years of oppression. The black man suffered for hundreds of years in trying to establish himself as an American citizen. The thirteenth Amendment was thought to give the black man a break in the white society, but yet while slavery was gone it did not fix what had already been done. It is one thing to get rid...