Important truths begin as outrageous, or at least uncomfortable, attacks upon the accepted wisdom of the time.

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The very term philosophy refers both to wisdom and love. Philosophy as the love of wisdom was always conceived as being intimately related to truth. However, the born of truth is not a smooth process, but rather a tortuous way, which full of challenge, full of sticks. Indeed, any truth's coming is an opponent of the traditional thought or accepted wisdom of the time, and undoubtedly the very truth starts either abnormal or outrageous, or at least incompatible or uncomfortable.

First of all, let us discuss what does truth mean and what kind of role does it play when come into being. Truth, is a maverick, he has a different idea or cognition. Truth, is an unconventional creature, he insist his rightfulness and correctness. Truth, is a challenger, he always put the accepted wisdom into question. Truth, is also a dauntless defender, he attacks the common idea with his firm belief.

No wonder, such features make important truth begins as abnormal, it gives people uncomfortable feelings or even impervious to reason, unreasonable, and outrageous. Just like a famous scholar once said, "any new born of a truth serves as an irksome thing to what already accepted".

When we look back to human history, we will find that a great many truth, including a new theory, new idea, new cognizance, do experience a hard way and was regarded as the heresy, the harmful thing or even deemed as evil. Galileo, who despised the prejudices and book learning of the Aristotelians, put his questions to nature instead of to the ancients, bring the famous "truth" - the law of free fall, which caused violent controversy at that time. Darwin, who first declared that the wide variety of animal species was due to a process of variation and natural selection, his "truth" -...