The importance of toilet paper

Essay by uriciosu March 2004

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Many people don't usually think of this topic, I mean "How important can toilet paper be, after all?" Even its very definition given in the Webster's New Century Dictionary an absorbent paper, usually wound around a cardboard cylinder, for cleansing after defection or urination sounds...dirty. Who would pay attention or value something that is dirty?

Well, let me tell you something, ladies and gentlemen, the whole society has a problem with appreciating little things in life. It's the same thing with the toilet paper, other called toilet tissue- we don't really appreciate it until we don't have it. Think about it. You get up in the morning, you drink your coffee, you run to the bathroom, you sit on the lavatory ... and you discover: there's no toilet paper whatsoever. I'm sure that all of you have such a crisis at least once in your lifetime. I ask, then what do you do? Of course, there are several alternatives: you could cry your lung out hoping that someone in the house would hear and bring you some, you could use the newspaper you've just red, you could use, I don't know cotton buds, a towel or you could simply wash the dirt off.

But every other thing you'd use simply doesn't take your body shape and you don't feel comfortable with it, do you? You know that toilet paper would have been the best thing for you at that particular moment. And what is even more devastating is that the lack of toilet paper spares you of an old good ritual: you rip the paper, you fold it gently and you clean yourself nice and easy.

The toilet paper producers know this thing all too very well and they try their best to come up with ever better versions:...