The Immorality Of Plagerism

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The Immorality of Plagiarism In all of our history we as a nation have not seen the likes of an epidemic as systemic and potentially damaging as the current epidemic of plagiarism. We cannot ignore this blight upon our society any longer. We must take action as a collective society, for that is what we have become a collective society of immoral lazy cheats. We must stand up to the lazy hoard of college and high school students who do not promote original thinking. We must stand up to the self-righteous website publishers who propagate this deterioration of our society. It is our moral war to fight.

In the 1950's the United States went to war with the communists. Those brave men and women were fighting against the future deterioration of society by the larger government which promotes collectivist thinking and the reductions of individualism. Unfortunately, the youth of today have become that type of collectivist society.

They do not think for themselves. They do not do their own work. They buy it. They trade it with others. We have become out enemy.

But worse, we have become the bastardization of our enemy. We have become a capitalistic collective. Students who no longer strive towards individual accomplishments but are willing to buy their way to grades have taken the worst of the capitalistic mentality and the collectivist mentality and have created a new insidious mutation of morality. Who shall prevail? Why the plagiarists? They will succeed over time because there are too many sites and too many essays available for consumption. There are too few ways to catch them at their own game. In the end what is the cost to society? Why their education of course and the education of their progeny. They will be unable to educate...