What Idea Does The Author Develop Regarding Ruling Passions

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Essay outline assignment English 30 Topic C: What idea does the author develop regarding ruling passions? Thesis: War will make you automatic like a robot and the only way we know we are still alive is when our passion rules out and over all other judgments.

There is a passion that many people in the book had over rule them, love and wanting to survive past their death.

Lady sorrel was played as a ghost in the book she kept herself and her lover alive by her ruling passion of love and wanting to live, by lighting candles.

Roswell wanted to live, and he loved his daughter and was passionate about his animals and he keep the animals alive by saving them in his sketches and his daughter by the letter telling her of his love.

Robert always wanted to become the best solider and he was turned into a very good robot throughout the book, but the thing that brought Robert back to being a human and to live was the passion that rule him, his passion for people through animals.

Robert save Rowena' rabbits he didn't want her to die forever by killing them, he was very passionate about that.

Robert was really brought back to life by the killing of Captain leather Robert was passion about the horses and it was Captain leather's wanting to make Robert do what a solider should that killed the horses and Robert's friend.

Topic A: What idea does the author develop regarding risk-taking? Thesis: There will always be a price to pay for risk-taking, in war taking a risk that goes against the normal order of war the outcome will not be in your favor.

In war does someone get to live that is on the other side? In the order of war, the answer is no.

The German sniper that let Roberts troop go free after the gas, risked going against that very answer and he got shot.

Robert tore off his lapels making him, in the eyes of war, on the other side and when he took the risk to free the horses at the end, he was stopped and died later due to his burns.

Risk-taking is something that you have to think through Robert shows us this when in the risks he takes cost some men there lives.

Robert and Devlin took a risk to set the horse free and they all died but Robert.