The Human Genome Project

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The Human Genome Project The Human Genome Project started in 1990 and is supposed to last 13 years. The project is made happen by the United States government and the National Institute of Health.

The Human Genome Project is an extremely large project whose main goal is to construct genetic and physical maps of the human genome system, which has approximately 30,000 genes. Another goal is to determine the 3 billion chemical base pairs that are the nucleotide sequences of human DNA. And to locate DNA markers at closely spaced intervals along the chromosomes. They are going to store this information about the structure, organization, and functions of the human DNA system. This information will have the instructions inherited by the parents that make a human offspring what he/she is. Then they are going to make an analysis based on the information that they have. If they reach these goals, a huge burst of new technologies will come about.

The information that they will get will have to be available to all doctors, physicians, and fellow scientists in order for it to easily be put to good use in the public. From there, even more improved technologies that have to do with the human genome system will spring about from further research from the Human Genome Project. But it can't all be that simple for everyone to use this technology. There are also many legal issues, ethical issues, and social implications that come along with this technology. The technology could be misunderstood or misused, and this is a problem. So of course, this creates a large amount of policy choices (on how the technology is to be used) for the public and professionals to deliberate.

Thus the development of these technology policies and the issues and implications of...