Honda CR125 Vs Honda XR250

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Honda XR 250 vs. Honda CR 125 The 2001 Honda CR 125 and the 2001 Honda XR 250 are both very nice bikes that are made by the same company. However, they both have similarities and differences. In this report, I will express the qualities that are the same and the qualities that are different between the two bikes.

The Honda CR 125 and the Honda XR 250, for starters, are both single cylinder engines. They both have a #520 chain and Kayaba cartridge front forks ( They both have a single front disc break with twin-piston calipers, and a single disc back break ( They have front tire dimensions of 80/100-21, and a seat height of approximately 36 inches ( The most recognizable of all, they are both made in the color red.

The CR 125 and the XR 250 have many similarities, but they also have many differences.

The CR engine is a two-stroke engine with 125cc's and is liquid cooled. The XR engine is a four-stroke with 249cc's and is air-cooled ( The XR has a 30mm piston-valve and has a compression ratio of 10.2 to 1(Honda/XR The CR has a 36mm flat-slide valve and a compression ration of 8.8 to 1 (Honda/CR The CR has a 5 speed transmission and the XR has a 6-speed transmission ( The XR's back tire dimensions are 100/100-18 and it has a wheelbase of 55.1 inches (Honda/XR The CR's back tire dimensions are 100/92-19 and it's wheelbase is 57.8 inches (Honda/CR The CR 125 had a ground clearance of 13.1 inches, a dry weight of 193 lbs, and a fuel capacity of 2 gallons, while the XR 250 had a ground clearance of 12.4 inches, a dry weight of 240.3 lbs, and a fuel capacity...