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PART II A. Explain why Ayn Rand introduces the literary allusion to Prometheus in Anthem. Include an image of Prometheus and a brief summary of the story of this Greek Titan.

The reason I think Ayn Rand places the allusion to Prometheus is because of the similarity of his story to the one transgression of Equality's that made him run to the Uncharted Forest. Prometheus, a great titan, stole fire from the heavens and brought it down to man. With fire, man had light and a valuable resource. Through a trick from the gods, involving the story of Pandora's box, Prometheus was blamed for all troubles and weariness that plague us today. (These troubles were released from Pandora's box) As a punishment Zeus chained Prometheus to a rock and an eagle would come daily to eat his liver.

THE EAGLE AND PROMETHEUS B. The title of a book often gives insight into the author's meaning.

An anthem is a hymn of praise and joy. What are some of the "anthems" in this story? Falling in love with Liberty, discovering electricity C. Relate some of Equality's sins, which show his struggle to become an individual.

Working not as a group is one of the sins that Equality is guilty of. This shows individualism because of the fact he is working on his own mind with out help or outside influence. Making friends (Preferring on person over another) shows his personality, since he chooses people compatible to him. Equality keeping a journal (To put down words that no others think on paper no others are to see) also shows how he expresses his inner emotions through a surrogate parent/friend found in the paper.

D. Is Ayn Rand's purpose in writing this novelette to entertain or to warn the reader? Why? Tell how you decided this.

I have concluded that Ayn Rand's purpose of the book is to warn the reader. She wants to let people realize how precious individualism is. During a time where collectivism was being more and more common, this book shows a contrast from life today to the ultimate consequences of the collectivist doctrine applied to mankind. I've decided this from my own thoughts combined with parts from the Foreword. My conclusion came from my immediate reaction to the book, because right at the beginning you start to react to Ayn Rand's story of one man's struggle to find individualism.