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Millions of people go homeless everyday. It is estimated that over three million people are homeless. Any race, sex or age. Teens that have runaway, or children's parents that have been forced to live on the streets or shelters, have no source of getting an education. Some solutions have been found to solve most of these problems, but there is still a major problem that has yet been solved. The people that have been forced to live in shelters have a rough life. Getting into a homeless shelter is very hard, sometimes the streets are said to be " a better road to travel"�. I am going to explain to you three reasons why being homeless is not a fun idea.

First, there are so many reasons why people become homeless. National Coalition experts estimate that of the three million people that are homeless: thirty percent are families with children, fifty percent are single men, fourteen percent are single woman, twenty to thirty percent are unemployed, forty percent are veterans, and about thirty percent are children without families.

Many of these mothers simply are fleeing husbands or boyfriends who have neglected, abused, or abandoned them. Teens have become homeless by running away, and millions of these teens runaway each year. In the 1980's, half a million teens ran away, in 1996 the number increased three or four times larger. Many teens that runaway are not counted, the only teens that get counted are the ones who get emergency help or treatment for drug abuse. About seventy percent of teen runaways have been physically and/or sexually abused. Some teens are often kicked out of their home because their parents are sick and tired of them. These teens are referred to as push outs. Some women are homeless because...