Hit And Run

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This book is written by R.L. Stine. Its about Four teens that are messing around one night. One kid just got his drivers license so the group decides to steal one of their parents cars and take it for a drive one night. The kid drives fast and doesnt pay much attention to the road. Further on up to road, some kids planned a nasty trick on the group of kids in the car. They made a stuffed dummy that looks like a human. They put it in the road as the car comes by and the driver thinks he has just killed someone. He stops for awhile, then speeds away before anyone comes. The next day, rumors start about what he did. The rumors get bigger and bigger until they reach the kids who played the trick. Then they finally tell the truth and let everyone know it was just a dummy they made to get some laughs.

The driver is relieved but also angered at the kids who played the trick. In the end, everything works out fine and nothing bad actually happens except for the kid who stole the car got into some trouble with his parents for taking the car for a test drive.