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HIROSHIMA The bombing of Hiroshima was a dark day in history. The city of Hiroshima was a civilization in itself, people in it were jst like you and me. They had family, they had friends, they had lives. When the bomb was dropped on Hiroshima most of the "lives", of these people fizzled right out of existence. The center of the blast reached temperatures of ??????? degrees, and though the temperature dissipated as the superseding rings of the blast jutted outwards across Hiroshima, it still was enough to destroy buildings ,cause fires and claim lives. In the blast nearly one hundred thousand lives were claimed, a hundred thousand more were hurt and only ten thousand of the people in the city made it to the hospital to seek help for there injuries. Initially the bomb was dropped not knowing its capabilities, a sort of experiment, an experiment that claimed so many lives.

Was this right to "experiment" with these peoples lives? Here I will give examples of what some of the effects of this "experiment" were by giving quotes from the book, "Hiroshima" and discuss them.

"˜" The doctors realized in retrospect that even though most of these dead had also suffered from burns and blast effects, they had absorbed enough radiation to kill them."' This was a direct quote from the book "Hiroshima"', that was stated by the narrator of the book. I see this as an important statement in understanding the effects that the bomb had on the people of Hiroshima. All this death caused by an "experiment.

"˜""¦ the statisticians calculated that about twenty-five percent had died of direct burns from the bomb, about fifty percent from other injuries, and about twenty percent as a result of radiation effects."' This also is a direct quote from the book. The narrator also stated this, it was a good example of the effects by showing what exactly the experiment did to everyone killed by it.

Father Siemes stated that,'" Some of us considered the bomb in the same category as poison gas and were against its use on a civilian population."' This shows how the people considered the bomb and the thought people had on its use on Hiroshima.

To conclude, the bomb wiped out hundreds of thousands of people and not only physically destroyed lives but also mentally destroyed them. Obviously this was the wrong way to experiment with the Americans new toy. Not knowing its possible effects we dropped it anyway and look what it did. It shattered innocent lives and marked itself into the people of Hiroshima for life