Hidden Racism

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Hidden Racism Growing up in the world today, each person experiences his or her own fare share of racism; for me I was confronted with it my entire life. Everyday people all over the world are being discriminated against and they never notice it. Whether it?s applying for a job or placing an order at a local restaurant, they aren?t getting the equal service they are entitled to. During my life, I have been aware hardship of racism and I have yet to learn how to overcome it but I do know how to cope with it and not let it affect the way I live my life today.

I first started school on August 13th, 1989 at Avondale Elementary. Avondale Elementary was a predominately black school because it was located in the city of Birmingham, so I was considered in the majority. My Kindergarten class was filled with many students; the majority of them were black.

I went to Avondale Elementary my Kindergarten and First grade years but it was Second grade where I made my biggest switch. My mother, who had gotten a new job as an elementary school teacher, got her first job at Hewitt-Trussville Elementary School. I remembered how different it was because we had to travel 20 minutes to arrive at school. My first day of second grade was quite different than many other students in America because I was one of thirteen black students in the whole school. The transition from being the majority into a minority was probably one of the hardest tasks I have encountered in my 19 years of life. When I first walked into the classroom I noticed I was the only African-American person in my class. With that thought in mind, I figured that I was going to have...