The Hidden Cirrculum

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The "Hidden curriculum"� As we go on through our years of schooling, we are taught many different subjects such as math, science, geography, the arts and so on. We learn many different things about these different subject areas. However, we are also taught something that we cannot read in a book, or learn by someone telling us about it. That is the "hidden curriculum"�.

Everyday for six months every year, we have the opportunity to go into school and interact with all our peers, whether they are the same age, whether they share the same interests, or even if they are our friends. With this simple interaction we can learn many things that will be valuable to us in our lifetime. For example, in kindergarten to first grade we learned how to share with each other. Without this simple task we as a society would never get along with each other.

We also learned how to be respectful towards each other, which is another task that is performed in everyone's everyday life, some more than others however. When we moved onto high school, some things changed and some stayed the same. From coming to school everyday for twelve years, you begin to pick up socialization skills, some that are noticeable and some you use without ever knowing about it. I know from personal experience that high school is a good time to experiment with the opposite sex. In good ways only of course. You begin to find out what you want in a mate and what you don't want. This is extremely valuable so you don't go and get married to the first person that you have feelings for.

A major part of the hidden curriculum is learning how to be responsible for yourself and your actions. Your...