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"Heroes" All through out my life, I have always been interested in history. When I began college, it was simple to determine what field I wanted to go into. Being a History Major (Education), I have much respect for many of the individuals in our history. One that comes to mind is John Johnson. John Johnson also referred to as, "Liver-eating Johnson", got his name because, every "Crow Indian" he killed, he would cut out and eat their liver to intimidate them. Crow Indians were a tribe that unnecessarily murdered his Indian wife.

John Johnson, was a mountain man that lived on his own in the 1800's. His domain consisted of the Western region all through out the mountains. These areas are very unforgiving terrain, in that out of 12 months of the year 9 are spent in cold and miserable conditions. For a man to survive one winter would be a miracle, let alone for 30 years.

He lived off of the barest of necessities, which included a Hawkins rifle, Bowie knife and the buckskins he wore for warmth.

Due to the killing of over 300 Crow Indians, left Johnson head the most prize possession. Through out twelve years he had to live with eyes in the back of his head in order to keep it. Among many other obstacles he overcame, he also participated in the Civil War and fought for our country on his own free will. After his time in the war he returned back to the wilderness where he belonged. Johnson accomplished many other tribulations out in the wilderness, but this isn't suppose to be a 50-page paper so I will conclude this paper.

In conclusion, I am a true lover of the outdoors and what it has to offer. So when reading about a guy like Johnson, it is natural to be overwhelmed by his accomplishments. I know how hard it is to kill an animal, even with today's weapons. I can only imagine what it must have been for him. So what is the meaning of a "Hero". Well in my words, a hero is someone you have a great respect for because of certain accomplishments or surviving of many hardships. John Johnson is someone who I would consider an "Unsung Hero" in my book.