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Henry VIII 1509-1547

1. What kind of activities did Henry VIII enjoy? Did this help him as King?

Henry was very active in his young life and he did many activities such as Jousting, Athletics, Wrestling and Hunting. These sports were played only by the richest people like Polo is played today. These activities helped him as King because his people will look up to him and they will believe that he is a strong, healthy and powerful King. It will make the people more proud of themselves for having a fit King. The King will become more popular and gain more support if he beats a foreign opponent in these sports. This may even seduce women and he could have a lot of lovers to help him have an heir.

2. What was his relationship with the Church?

Henry was a very religious Catholic. He was very loyal to the Pope and before he became King he was going to sacrifice his whole life to the Church.

Henry had such a good relationship with the Pope that he was given special permission to marry his brother's widow even though it was against the rules of the Bible. The King was eventually named Defender of the Church so Henry had the power to arrest those who smuggled in English versions of the Bible. The English versions would be read by the people of England who would get ideas and challenge the Church. Henry had a good relationship with the Church up until the point when he divorced his wife against the Church's view and against the Bible.

3. Why was Henry unhappy with Catherine?

Henry was unhappy with Catherine for many reasons. The main reason was that Catherine could not have a baby boy. She had only one baby girl...