Henry VIII

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Henry VIII lead a very interesting life. He was an athletic person. Henry made a huge change in religon. Last but not least he had six wives.

Henry was born on June 28, 1491. He didn't see much of his parents. His older brother died after he got married. Also his father then later died, he then got the throne. During all of this, Henry VIII took up many activities. Dancing, Gambeling, hunting, horseback riding, joust, tennis, achery, wrestling, and so on.

People say he was one of the goodliest people at that age period.

They thought he was also intelligent and good looking. But in today's society, he is classified as a fat tyrant.

Henry soon grew older and fell in love with his first wife Catherine of Aragon. They were happily married for 20 years. He was known for 2 mistresses during this marriage. She knew about it but kept quite.

Well since he was a Catholic, the church didn't allow him to divorce her. He got rid of the pope and replaced him with someone better. Then the new Pope let them divorce.

Henry had very many other wives. Six all together. After the divorce he married Anne Boleyn. When the first wife died Anne rejoiced. But she soon found out that Henry had another mistress named Jane Seymour. Anne became hysterical and had miscarriage. She was then caught for having 5 affairs, including her brother. They were all beheaded.

Henry's next wife was Jane Seymour. He was drawn by her gentle kindness. After their marriage, she became very honorable to him. She became pregnent and after she had the child she died.

Now Henry was sad but he moved on and was looking for anothe wife to wed. He had approved of her portrait. The marriage treaty was signed and she sailed to England. She didn't speak English and didn't know who he was. But Henry couldn't get out of marrying her. She later learned that he didn't like her and wanted to get rid of her, they got a divorce.

Twenty years later he married the cousin of his first wife name Katherine Howard. She was 16 at the time. She was lively, pretty, and kind. The saw her as a rose without a thorn. But she had secrets. It was another guy. She got arrested. Later she was beheaded.

The following year he remarried for the 6th time. Her name was Katherine Parr. Henry was old by now and she became more as a nurse then a wife. He then died on January 28, 1547.

By reading all of this you know Henry VIII had a fullfilling life. He was athletic. He changed the history for us. Also he lead a life with six different wifes.