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One of the most common diseases for people over the age of 70 is Alzheimer's disease. Alois Alzheimer discovered this condition in 1906. In the last 97 years humanity could not find a cure for this dodgy ailment. With no known causes for this strange condition we have not gotten far either. With data constantly flowing from research we are still trying to figure out this puzzling question.

A German neuropathologist named Alois Alzheimer in 1906 originally diagnosed the condition. The Alzheimer's disease was originally thought to be part of aging and a natural process however it was discovered that only certain individuals protracted this ailment and since then no reasonable cause has been found for this disorder. Until today no cause has been found for Alzheimers and because it is so elusive there is very little background to it.

About 10% of all American people over 70 have significant memory problems and half of those have Alzheimer's disease.

The people most likely to get this condition are females 70 years old or older. This disease is not known to target any race more than any other. The condition is extremely common among people of 70 years old or older.

There are no known causes for Alzheimers. There have been a couple theories on too much mercury, aluminum, lead, and other substances could have caused this common condition. Besides these weird theories there is little or no evidence on the causes of AD. This disorder is neither genetic nor caused by any known bacteria and is not stimulated by our surroundings either.

There are many symptoms of this disease. The symptoms of this ailment can vary from a slight disability of remembering were they put they're toothbrush to paralization or even death. The symptoms increase over time in severity and...