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This African tribe has lots of interests. The Congo or Kongo has made some beautiful art work in the past years. The Kongo Kingdom, Geography and the art work are a big part of their culture. Modern Congo still has part of the ancient Kongo's culture, but now new inventions, tools and food are now part of their culture. This makes the life much easier.

The Kongo Kingdom is a state of the Congo regions (Groiler Multimedia Encyclopedia,K) The Kongo Kingdom is located in modern Zaire, Congo, and Angola where the lower part of the Congo river is. In the Kongo Kingdom, their language was called "Kongo" or "Kikongo." Some the words were "mani," "gon," and "manikongo." Then they converted to Christianity in 1491. That's when the Portuguese was visiting. The Portuguese came from Spain to conquer more land and they found the Kongo Kingdom. When the Portuguese came to the Kongo Kingdom, they couldn't understand the Kongo's language so they had to learn French.

The language of modern Congo today is French.

The environment and geography of the Kongo are really different from North America or China(The World Book Encyclopedia,K). The environment in central Africa is tropical. The environment is different from North America's environment because of the tropical regions. The Kongo had a very mixed environment. They had low mountains, forests and woodlands, croplands, and grass lands and grazing lands(Houghton Mifflin Social Studies). The Congo grew lots of foods, such as fruit, dates, corn, coconuts, and bananas. The Congo also picked those foods from the forests. Congo people made bread from corn and from citrus fruit. The Congo used wine, vegetable oil and vinegar to season their foods. This made foods taste much better. Congo people ate their food in their houses or huts.