Hardships for Both Blacks And White In The Civil War Realating To The Movie GLORY

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1. In what ways does the movie Glory reflect the difficulties and prejustices faced by both whites and blacks sympathetic to the cause of the emancipation? Be as specific as you can, using many examples from the movie. Conclude with one paragraph evaluation of the movie, expressing your overall thoughts on it.

The movie Glory reflects the mistreatment and hardships that both whites and blacks faced in the civil war but also before. Even before the war had officially started the north and the south did not have an excellent relationship. They disagreed on many issues such as the slave act and the Pottawatomie massacre. Many southerners felt that if the slaves were freed then it would ruin all industrialization. People predicted that many whites would be left without jobs and things would be completely upside down. The north on the other hand was very much against slaver considering that only 10% of their population was black unlike the south which was 40%.

In the movie it shows that Black soldiers were mistreated both by the north and even more so by the south. Blacks were intentionally not given proper supplies such as shoes and earlier in the movie Negroes were only aloud to do manual labor and not fight. What I found was the most disturbing to me was not just the racism because that can be found today but the proclamation of the south. This proclamation stated that the southerners were aloud to kill any black wearing a blue uniform (union uniform), return any black back to slavery if they were caught fighting and to kill any white commanding an army of blacks. But even the north could rather "wrong" at times. In a certain point in the movie the northern troops are marching through what looks...