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The Facts of Life

In Guy de Maupassant's, "The Necklace", the author utilizes the third person narrator throughout the story to refrain from showing any judgment towards the character or their actions. At the same time, the author still had the ability to enter the thoughts of his characters to portray the feelings that the characters were going through in the story. This helped understand the changes in feelings and the importance of the theme. Although, Maupassant tends to mainly focused on what was happening at the time of the moment and touches very little on how the character feels about the situation. As seen on a particular sentence, "and this life lasted for ten years" (182), he never reveals how she feels about the ten long years that she had to work, but merely the fact that she had to work

Maupassant leads up to his story by introducing a lower class wife who envied the typical Cinderella tale.

Mathilde wanted to attend a ballroom event in an extravagant dress and sparkling jewels; items that she seemed to have lacked. Fortunately, she had a loving husband that sacrificed buying a gun for himself in order for his wife to afford a dress of her liking. Throughout the beginning, Mathilde was unappreciative and always wanted more and when she finally attended the ball she showed no love for all that her husband did for her. All she did was live her fantasy, flirting with other men, drinking the booze, and not paying attention to her husband.

Maupassant showed the importance of his characters by making his minor characters either round or flat. Mme. Forestier and M. Loisel were completely flat characters since their parts are not much of importance in the story. There is little to be...