Gun Control

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Guns: do we really need them? Some say, "yes," yet some say "no," but what really are the facts. Below are some of the pros and cons of gun control. Read through the facts and you be the judge.

A lot of people are strictly against guns. Considering that 65% of homicides in 1998 were committed by firearms along with 61% of suicides. That is over half for both. We cannot keep up these statistics. Guns are tools for killing, there really is not much else to do with one besides that. Killing is against the Ten Commandments, and everybody knows it is wrong anyway. 13,790 people were killed by guns in 1995 and 18,503 took their own lives. So why do we keep these killing machines? What do you think of when you hear the word gun? Murder, murder, murder, kill, kill, kill, right? Well, not exactly. When people hear the word gun they never think of the lives saved, injuries prevented, and property protected by them.

There are about two million defensive gun uses a year. People pay too much attention to getting the guns off the street when they should be getting rid of the people that actually pull the trigger, the criminals. The guns and gun makers should not take the blame for how people use them, the people should. Besides, even without guns they would find another way to kill. Another supporting fact is that burglars are afraid of entering homes with of people with guns. So they are quite useful.

Guns: do we really need them? I think so. I also hope that next time you hear the word "guns" you do not think murder, death, homicide, kill, or even the fact that the 2nd Ammendment lets us have them. I hope you...