Group Analization

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Group Analization George P Morris once said, "United we stand, divided we fall." This quote is used day in and day out to inspire and bring together armies, teams, and nations of people; it is also the best way to describe the way group work should be. Everyone plays their own perspcetive to a group, but if these temperments can't intertwine, and a consensous can't be made, then the group fails.

People use groups everday to accomplish goals, to get the best solutions to a problem, and many other things.

Within every group there are a plethura of roles taken. In our group, there was really no strong showing of role playing. We all, with the exception of one, contributed ideas equally and the we decided on the best pssable solution for the circumstance at hand. The reason why a member of our group didn't participate was because, I believe that they were shy and afraid to conform to the beliefs of our group.

She did not hurt the group in any way by sitting out, but she didn't contribute any input into the matter and probably liked that better because it was a lower risk to sit there than it was to talk.

I believe that our group was very good at hearing every opinion out and that we shared similar opinions on the subject at hand. Allthough, not every group that I have worked with has had things go so well and the work be shared as good as it was. I thoroughly enjoyed my group experience this time. The members of my group were very smart and had excellent ideas, we would the build on these ideas and create, what we feel, is a great solution to a difficult problem.

I can honestly say that...