Who is the greatest Australian and why?

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One might say that the "Greatest" Australian can be because of the person's academic, community or sporting ability. It has been said that many great sportspeople have also demonstrated above average academic achievements as well as their sporting abilities and achievements and used the resultant fame to benefit the community and therefore achieving greatness in all of the three qualities.

It is fair to say it is not just the sporting achievement it is how the path is lead to that achievement and what they do with the fame or wealth they gain from those achievements that demonstrates greatness. The person's greatness of mind, goodness of heart, principles they follow in life, community values, compassion, devotion, courage, the morals they display and their conscience and willingness to accept responsibility for all their actions, because no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, it is what you learn from those mistakes and how you make up for them and to lead their life in a positive way that counts.

My mother always says and I would agree "That to be a great sportsperson you not only have to have above average sporting ability but to exhibit the ability to be dedicated, committed, enthusiastic, have quick and decisive thinking and problem solving skills, communication skills in speaking as well as listening, to be able to follow instructions, to be a positive member of the team, to think of the team and not individual pursuits (if the sport is individual it may be demonstrated as a member of a club or representative of the sport), the ability to see the 'big picture' and above all to be humble in victory as well as defeat as long as you have given your best and not be big headed and derogatory to the...