The Great Gilly Hopkins

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Throughout the novel "The Great Gilly Hopkins", Gilly forms many relationships with different kinds of people. These relationships help Gilly overcome her problems and fears about love, family, and being accepted. Two very important relationships that she forms are that with Mrs. Trotter and William Earnest (W.E.).

Gilly is an eleven-year-old girl. She's a tomboy, mean, brilliant, and unmanageable. She has been in three foster homes in less then three years. She has a horrible attitude towards other people but she does well in school just to prove to everyone else that she is smarter then they are. At the start of the story Gilly is being taken to a new foster home. This is where she first meets Trotter and W.E. W.E. is also a foster child living with Mrs. Trotter. Gilly's first impression of W.E. was ""¦a freaky kid"¦" and right from the start she was giving him "the most fearful face in all her repertory of scary looks".

Gilly's first impression of Trotter was just down right rude to say the least. Gilly describes her as "a huge hippopotamus of a woman". Gilly did not start off on the right foot with Mrs. Trotter.

Gilly's relationship with Trotter was not very good at all in the beginning. When she first moved in she didn't even give her a chance. Trotter was trying to be nice and was offering her help if she needed it and Gilly slammed the door in her face. Also Trotter and Gilly got into it about Gilly making fun of W.E. Trotter said she would not have Gilly making fun of the boy. Gilly's relationship with Trotter started to change when she went to get Mr. Randolph and saved him from falling. Then as the story progressed she developed an unconditional...