Goodbye, Mr.Chips

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Goodbye, Mr.Chips was the story of a gentle, English schoolmaster who became very popular with all his students, because of his lovable attitude and his wonderful sense of humor. To be perfectly honest, the story was actually pretty boring, but it had several interesting and significant messages...

One of the important themes that the author, James Hilton, wanted the reader to take away was the clash or conflict that had often existed between the new generation, and the old generation. For instance, in the story when Chips had taught in the Brookfield school for almost fifty years, the headmaster, Ralston suggested that Chips should retire. As a matter of fact, he directly told Chips that his teaching methods were out-dated and his personal habits were slovenly. Ralston even said that Chips had become an old man who was especially insubordinate. Chips responded to this just as stubbornly, and he said that he liked the way that he taught his students and that he would continue to do so in the future.

This really showed the differences in the ideas of the new generation, and the old generation. Another important message that the author wanted to take away was that people should just be like themselves. At the beginning, when Chips first started teaching, he acted as though he was a very strict individual. It was because of this attitude that many of Chips' students did not like him at first, however, Chips soon learned to be like himself. After that, he did not have any problems with his students, who were especially fond of his humorous, and benevolent personality.

The book had several significant quotes. The first one obviously, is "Goodbye, Mr.Chips". The quote is important because this is what the whole story is based upon.