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Davies Govt. 1 Going Private Most of our country's children attend public schools their entire lives with their parents wondering what opportunities their kids would have if they could afford to send them to private schools. All parents want the best for their kids but can not always get the best for them. This problem, says many politicians, would have been fixed if Proposition 38 had passed. The proposal required that the state offer an anual scholarship, better known as a voucher, to the parents of every school-age child in California. If parents decided to have their children attend private schools, the state would send the voucher check to the private school. The amount of the voucher per child per year was to be $4000, half of the per pupil spending national average, or half of the stae average per-pupilspending, whichever is greatest. As I previously said, parents would have been able to send their kids to private schools if the initiative had passed; however, Propositon 38 did not pass.

I am going to tell you the reasons why it did not pass; as well as tell you some arguments for and against Prop. 38, and tell you who made these arguments.

Opposers of Prop. 38 proposed many things wrong with the initiative. One thing wrong with the initiative was that it hurt kids. Prop. 38 removed support for public education for schools that serve families that get transportation to, or admittance to, a private school. Also there was no guarantee that a non-public education students is being taught a quality curriculum due to difficulties for state or local governments to impose any new regulations or laws on private schools. Also because of these difficulties there is no guarantee of teacher qualifications or training. These voucher schools reserve the right...