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Glory There were many examples of discrimination found in the movie Glory. The black soldiers were not given the same respect as the white soldiers received. Also, the black soldiers were not paid as much as the white soldiers were paid for their work. Another example of discrimination found in the movie is the black soldiers were not given proper shoes or other equipment. Also, at first the soldiers were not allowed to fight in battles they were just assigned to do other work. These are just a few examples of how the black soldiers were discriminated against throughout the movie.

I think the movie is called Glory for a few reason's. First of all the word glory can mean praise, honor or distinction. In this sense the word can be referring to the reasons the black soldiers were fighting. Fighting in the war gave them something they couldn't have before.

It distinguished their quality. Also, glory can mean to rejoice. It could be called Glory because the men finally received the opportunity to fight for themselves and this gave them much to me happy for.

The examples of discrimination in the movie have a big impact on the effect of the word Glory as the title. Even though the soldiers were discriminated against in many ways throughout the movie they still had glory. They were still grateful for even just getting the chance to fight in the war. The fact that they endured all the discrimination and still had pride and honor in what they were doing says a lot about their character. The examples of discrimination throughout the movie serve to make the name of the movie, Glory, all the more powerful.