The Giver by Lois Lowry

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The Giver, by Lois Lowry is an interesting science fiction book. It tells a story of a boy living in a future society completely controlled by Elders. I get this message from the story: that technology, security and research will never be able to replace a feeling such as love.

In a society where there is no freedom, there lived a boy named Jonas. He was very excited to turn 12 where Ceremony of Twelve, which gives every pupil aged twelve an assignment, or job, for that person to do for their entire life. On the day when he was turning 12, he received a job name Receiver of Memory, where he has to receive the memories that are not known to public from the Giver. Jonas receives memories from the Giver. He received color, fun, love, pain, death, and many other memories. The Nurturers, people who take care of newborn babies, were very optimistic about Gabriel.

They want to take him to the Nurturing Center, but the new child cries and don't sleep. That is why the Nurturers decide to let it stay with Jonas for a time because when Gabriel's with Jonas he peacefully sleeps. Few days later, Jonas watches his father "release" a baby. In Jonas's society, millions and millions of people gets released when they are sick or when they are too old. Jonas noticed that "to release" means to kill. Jonas is mad at the society and plans to run away from the society. The Giver is helping Jonas to run away from the society by making excuses such as "special training" for Jonas to have more time. Jonas gets his bike and Gabriel then started to run away. Couple of days later, Jonas sees sparks of light ahead of him that might lead...