Giglamesh Vs Indian Jones

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The movie Indiana Jones, and the Temple of Doom, and the Epic of Gilgamesh are the same in many aspects but are different in many other aspects. Both men start out on a journey to help them selves but end helping or trying to help other people also. We are also lead to believe that they both are better than the normal man is. The stories are the same in the fact that they both, at one point or an other, show the human qualities of the men that at other times have been shown to be almost god like.

While both Gilgamesh and Indiana start out to find something they both end up helping or trying to help other people. Indiana starts out to find the stone from the village but when he finds instead of leaving right away he tries to free the children that had been taken as slaves.

He ends up helping them escape and loses two of the stones in the process. Gilgamesh is trying to find away to live forever but ends up only finding a flower that will allow him to live the rest of his life in his lost youth. But instead of eating it right away he decides he will take it back to the old people of his city and let them have it first. Like Indian because he was trying to help others first he loses his chance to improve his own life.

We are shown that we are to believe that both men have almost god like courage. This is done in both cases to show that they are both maybe a little better than normal men. We are shown this in Gilgamesh, when Gilgamesh walks up to the Man-Scorpion with no fear. Indiana shows his more than human like courage when he finds the statues in the woods near the palace but unlike the rest of his group he just looks at them. While the natives that are guiding him turn and run.

The two stories are also similar that at times during the stories both are shown to have human qualities, even though during other parts of the stories they are shown to be almost god like. In Indiana Jones, we are shown his human qualities when he decided to help the enslaved children instead of just running off with the stones and leaving them there helpless. The human qualities of Gilgamesh are shown to us when he slays the lions that are just "round him glorying life", or just happy to be alive, because he was afraid that they might attack or hurt him.